Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Kool Kidz

Thinking of christmas presents for our son i stumbled across the shop Kool Kidz on the way home from my meeting with the midwife today. It is just the type of child's gift shop that i have been loooking for since leaving the Uk as it has a wonderful selection of nostalgic/traditonal style gifts from which to choose from. Here are a few things that i particularly loved:
A cool child's guitar because Theodore is obsessed by his Papa's which is just too big for him to handle.

A heavenly silver racing car, which is just perfect for any boy (or parent as it's made from proper stuff, not just plastic that breaks in two minutes)

I love this one too,but sadly it's twice the price. 

                       Vesper/scooter t-shirt, rather cool don't you think! 

They have many nostalgic toys and clothes which i love. The website doesn't show everything that they have in the shop so it's worth popping in if you live in Oslo.

Kool Kidz, Ullevålsvn. 39, 0171 Oslo Tlf: 67 42 35 58  E-post post@koolkidz.no

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