Thursday, 11 November 2010

What's in a name?

The name that is chosen for you is so important and i think like it or not people immediately judge you by your name, even before they meet you. I often think that you are your name, or rather you live up to the name that you are given in some way, but then i would say that. I was named Freya (Cecily) which when i was little was a very uncommon name in the UK and much to my annoyance and often embaressment was one that no one could spell or pronounce. However over the years i have grown to love my name for the very reasons that i first hated it, because it was different and no one around me had the same name, but also because in hindsight it was a name that was meant to be. The name infact comes from the Norse Goddess Freya, the Goddess of love and springtime, and although i was indeed born in the spring I also love the fact that i met, fell in love with and married a Norwegian man with whom i am now living in Norway. Infact when people speak to me for the first time they often think i am Norwegian purely because of my name. So i think my parents were perhaps guided to choose this nordic name for me, a name that as it turns out fitted my fate, to meet and marry a Norwegian man and move to Norway.

Andreas and i on our wedding day

Of course the name here in Norway is an old Norwegian name and isn't now that common whereas in the Uk over the last ten years it has grown in popularity and i find myself turning around in the supermarkets when i am back there only to find that it is someone calling for their 4 year old daughter and not me. Freia ( it has the same pronunciation although not the same spelling as my name) is however the name of one of the most popular chocolate brands in Norway, for whom my father in law once worked, and the company has a  wonderful Freia sign above the main street in Oslo that lights up at night, so in some way i feel that i have my name up in lights here in Oslo.

There are several different spellings of the name that come from the Norse goddess Freyja including Freya, Freja, Freyia, Frøya, and Freia. I love my name now and wouldn't change it for anything, but perhaps the love of my name has also come with being able to love and appreciate myself which i was never able to do when i was younger. How about you what do you feel about your own name?

Celebrate your name, it is perhaps your destiny! 

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